Monday, May 6, 2013

Google Glass Personalized Medicine

I've been thinking about the potential Google Glass has in medicine. My primary focus has been its role in a physician's daily routine. One idea (though morbid) would be a pathologist performing autopsies using Glass to record the procedure and take still shots. Another would be allowing general practice doctors to both record encounters as well as manage short bursts of patient data without having to interfere with patient interaction.

This sort of workflow could greatly improve care in any number of ways. That was on my mind when I  started imagining what I'd like to be able to do if I had Glass.

"Okay Glass, diagnose cough... *cough*" -- Return list of possibilities with percentage matches

"Okay Glass, what's my heart rate?" -- Pull data from a heart rate monitor

"Okay Glass, what's my blood sugar?" -- Pull data from a glucose monitor

--Glass Notification Pushed-- Blood Sugar Low

-- Glass Notification Pushed-- Arrhythmia Detected

The potential for this level of preventative care and getting this sort of health information easily is staggering. And developing these services is made easy with the Mirror API. I know what I'm doing in my free time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

p2pefs - Peer to Peer Encrypted File System

I've finally started writing one of the ideas I've had mulling around in my noggin for years.

What does it do?
It allows people to back up files securely and privately across a network of peers. Peers may specify the max amount of storage they will allow. All the peers receive and store are pre-encrypted chunks of a file. On receipt they encrypt it a second time with a random-generated key and send the key back to the file's source.

Any peer can retrieve any file from the network with:
1) The file's generated uuid
2) The chunk's host key
3) The origin's key

What's next?
My current goal is to build a functional alpha build and test it with several people. I whipped up a utility that encrypts files accordingly, and I'm currently working on writing the tracker software. 

It seems like a neat idea. I feel more peer to peer applications are going to start emerging and though this idea might not stick, hopefully lessons may be learned as I try piecing this together. :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

IRC Bots for AFK Productivity!

    Recently I've been going crazy and hacking together random ideas for the Bitcoin and Litecoin community. The entire cryptocoin movement seems really awesome and is at a stage where the more services that offer / promote it, the more traction it will get. Among my creations have been a pay-for-download hosting site (flibbur), a means to purchase LiteCoins using USD (CoinFront) and a site that is clearly named, Cookies4Coins

    Both CoinFront and Cookies4Coins require manual action to process orders placed by users. The problem for me was, I don't trust my phone getting the email alerts to tell me "Hey bro, you have an action item for X" -- Enter sumdumbot. Sumdumbot has been a love hate project I've worked on for over five years. At its core it is one of the most basic IRC bots ever. It logs all links posted in the channel and you can go back and see who posted what when. It also does weather, has a random recipe generator, and can be the biggest pain in my ass. 

    Considering both Bob and myself spend more time in IRC than we do physically talking it only made sense to have sumdumbot alert the channel of our friends when something needed doing. It seemed like a neat novel approach to making sure things got done knowing who we are.

It dawned on me how far sumdumbot has come along though, when I realized all I'd have to do is have the store front code just send a JSON request to sumdumbot's webserver. An hour later and some elbow grease, Cookies4Coins and CoinFront orders now have sumdumbot alert me in IRC.